Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Sentinel

I read through the latest edition of The Sentinel and I was very impressed.  The stories and articles were very well written while still concise and to the point.  They seem to cover most aspects of what is going on here at Kennesaw State University.  Whether it is upcoming events, past events and how they turned out, or even disturbances on campus The Sentinel will probably cover it in a professional and interesting manner.  A particular article I enjoyed was one covering the “Mental Health Matters Week” which took place March 16 through March 19 and was apparently a huge success.  The event was set up by the CPS, who wanted to have stress relieving activities for anyone to enjoy.  They had a multitude of arts and crafts that really helped keep a calm environment for college students to relax and get rid of some of their mental stress.  Another article that caught my attention was one from a representative for the culinary office here at KSU.  He went over the recent petition that students presented to the college in order to have the commons stay open longer.  He announced that this will indeed happen, and mentioned how important it is for the students to participate in what is happening on their own campus.  I think that is really great that the faculty here at KSU are supporting that students take initiative for what they want, and I think it is great that The Sentinel is covering encouraging news such as this.  

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