Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Israel-Gaza Conflict

There was an article in The Lancet called "An Open Letter for the People of Gaza" that discussed the oppression and slaughter of innocent Gaza civilians by the Israelis.  It was written by doctors and scientists that were trying to gain awareness for the problems going on in Gaza.  The article speaks about The blockade Israel has put around Gaza, the terroristic attacks on Gaza civilians, and the war crimes being committed by Israel.  There goal in writing this article was to get as many people to understand the issues going on and join their cause to help the people of Gaza and denounce this Israeli aggression.  Although not everyone was too intrigued by the article.  A response letter that was written by a reader of the article named Bruce Marmor described this article as "inacurate" and "prejudiced".  Marmur was appalled that this was published in a medical journal considering it is concerning political issues.  He says in the letter that the writers show no sympathy for other countries having similar, or worse, situations.  He completely contradicts the article and says that we should sympathize with the people of Israel who are being attacked and persecuted by Hamas.

This is the article:

This is the response letter:

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