Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Analyzing Literature

I am honestly not a big reader, I never really have been.  I have dyslexia and it took me longer than most kids to start reading.  Although I have read books on my leisure before, there have only been two that I truly enjoyed.  The first was Eragon, and the second was The Giver.  I later ended up writing a literary analysis over The Giver in high school and it went very well.

Writing a literary analysis is not quite my favorite type of writing but I have never found it to be a problem.  If I really enjoyed reading the book that I am going to be writing about then the analysis is not bad, in fact I sometimes find it fun.  It allows me to really evaluate my thoughts and ideas about the book, and is like a blank canvas that I can lay out my opinions on.  One assignment that I found very difficult was writing an analysis of one of Shakespeare’s works.  I had this assignment for my high school English class my senior year.  I did not do very well on this project; I have never been a fan of Shakespeare because I have never been able to truly understand his stories (textually or symbolically). 

During my Composition I class here at KSU I did a literary analysis of an excerpt from a non-fiction book.  I found this to be somewhat boring, although I did have a strong opinion on the ideas of the excerpt making it easy to write about.  I believe the Module 9 analysis I will be doing over A Sound of Thunder will not be too big of an issue because I find the theories and ideals of the book very interesting.  

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