Monday, April 27, 2015


Until now I had never heard of this website making this an interesting venture into the world of rumors, which is not particularly my favorite topic.  As I entered I browsed through the home page and quickly realized this is not a site I would regularly browse because it just seemed to be a large collection of very few significant stories and a whole lot of bullshit.  Although after a while on the website I did find a few stories that sparked some interest, particularly one about “420”.  I found this to be a cool topic because we all hear it so much, but no one knows what it means; the article surprisingly seemed to be very well-written and credible.  So I believe that the writers of this page know what they are doing, a little too well perhaps.  They know what people want to hear, bullshit.  It’s a pretty creative way to present news, and an interesting idea to incorporate everything found on social media in their topic selection as well.  As for the evidence of bias, I didn’t come across any during my time on the website.  However the site in general seems to me like it isn’t completely serious so it would not surprise me if there were some biased opinions.  

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  1. Like you I have never heard of this site before. I too did not find much of interest to me on this site and I think it is mostly for entertainment and nothing else. There is a lot of information on this site but nothing that would make me come back to it again. The only thing I did like was the two articles about the missing children and nothing else. Loving news the way I do I found this site to not be useful to me at all.