Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Average Day

An average day of research for me often involves both Academic and everyday research. When it concerns academic research, I often get on Google to look up broad terms for homework. For example, if I don't understand certain topics in my math homework I will often Google it and click on a reputable source for reference. I also do school research for actual research assignments such as English essays. One source I use to find articles for essays is Galileo. Since I usually need to have scholarly sites, Galileo is the perfect site to use to see articles about the subject I'm researching. When it comes to determining if the sources I use are reliable, I look at the author or the publisher to see if they are a reputable source. For example, authors who have been published already or who are well-versed in this particular subject can be seen as reputable source while those who are just stating opinions are not.  Other than research for school, I often use the internet to research randomly through out the day when I hear about something that interest me. For example, the other day a friend and I were talking about states that have legalized marijuana, and I conveniently looked it up on my phone to find out which states had indeed changed their laws. Doing research like this during the day helps me to feel more knowledgeable about the everyday subjects I encounter and is also an enjoyable thing to learn about and know.

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